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Wine information for temperatures and food pairing!

What's with the different wine?

Every wine in existence has its own distinct flavor, aromas and sensation. Every food and flavor can pair perfectly with each type of wine available. See below for our recommendations. Whether you're having poultry, beef, seafood, fruit or cheeses we believe you'll find a great combination.

  • Carmenere: This grape is one of the traditional 6 grapes of Bordeaux France, used originally to make Bordeaux. Lost to disease in France they were never replanted. Throughout the 19th century this grape was brought to Chile and is now one of the only countries to have this unique grape. Carmenere wine goes well with dishes like lamb (without sauce), mild red meats, pastas, soft pork, vegetable stews and creamy cheeses with some seasoning. This wine has its best between 57°F to 61° F. (room temp)
  • Cabernet Sauvignon: The best combinations for a Cabernet Sauvignon are red meat, stuffed peppers, stews and pasta with sauce. High fat dishes and seasoning go well with it and its perfect for BBQ. It combines very well with Camembert cheese (Brie style), Cheddar cheese and similar. Very good accompaniment for crabs, deer, lamb and pork chops. Your best temperature is between 61° F to 64.5° F.
  • Malbec: This wine go well with soft red meat, dishes of creamy cheeses or hard white cheeses. Also perfect for pasta with tomato sauce. The best drinking temperature is between 57° F to 61° F.
  • Merlot: This wine makes a very good combination with legumes, nuts such as peanuts, walnuts, almonds. It also blends very well with grilled vegetables, duck, rabbit, fish with sauces. Light stews and casseroles. Rice, white meat, red meat with little seasoning, ceviche and semi-hard cheeses. Take between 54°F to 57°F. Depending on the dish (Ceviche for example) take the lowest recommended temperature 54 ° F.
  • Pinot Noir: This kind of wine tastes great with fresh cheeses, white meats, mushrooms and salmon. The best temperature to drink it is between 57° F to 59° F.
  • Syrah: Combine with ripe cheeses, strong sausages, pasta with red sauce, seasoned meat, pot roast, lamb and pork. Drink between 61° F to 64.5° F.


Why does temperature even matter?

Average Wine Temperatures

Drinking wine depends not only on its pairing or lack there of; Temperatures are extremely important for taste, aroma and overall results when savoring the pallet.  All Winemakers will recommend specific temperatures for their wines. below is the average recommended temperatures for the wines we carry at Ankeney Fine Foods.  

Know that our store generally runs at about 60 degrees or colder due to SF temperatures being in the upper 50's most of the time.  No better temperature for your RED Wines!

Carmenere                                  <60> degrees F

Cabernet Sauvignon              <63> degrees F

Malbec                                          <60> degrees F

Merlot                                           <55> degrees F

Syrah                                              <63> degrees F

Pinot Noir                                   <58> degrees F

Learn More

Wine Enthusiasts offers some of the best information when it comes to wine pairing and learning the basics of wines. If you really want to learn the basics, please visit them. We are not affiliated with them but recommend them for  some good reading.